Background of Blanc & Cie Sa

The Blanc & Cie SA company is a fourth-generation family business. It was established in 1946 by Emile Blanc and had, at the time, only one employee. After his father passed away, René Blanc took over the business and developed the floor covering department in reaction to a growing demand from his clients, thus benefiting from the dynamism of the 1980s. Until the end of 2018, the three sons of René Blanc, Olivier, Thierry and Philippe Blanc were in charge of the company, while his grand children learn, at the side of their fathers, the subtleties of entrepreneurship. After many years in the management of the parquet and floor covering department, Olivier Blanc decided to leave the company at the end of 2018. 

The Blanc & Cie SA company is divided in 3 departments: parquet and floor covering, cleaning and sanitation,andmaintenance and cleaning.

Each brother manages his sector autonomously. Although each department requires a specific expertise, the strength of Blanc & Cie SA is its interdisciplinarity and the direct communication between its heads, which allows to reply in a personalized way to client needs.

The “parquet and floor covering” department, supervised by Philippe Blanc, employs 40 full time employees, and takes care of the installation and renovation of wood parquet, carpets and plastic coatings.

The “cleaning and sanitation” department is also under supervision of Philippe Blanc, and employs around 20 full-time employees. This team intervenes to clean construction sites after the works are completed and also deals with cleaning of damages from natural disasters such as flooding or fire.

Finally, the “maintenance and cleaning” department, supervised by Thierry Blanc, employs 250 part-time employees and offers cleaning services in all kinds of places (kindergartens, offices, hotels etc…) as well as the maintenance of parquet.

Through its experience and reputation, Blanc & Cie SA operates in all of French-speaking Switzerland. Its headquarters are in Lausanne (Vaud) but the company also has three other branches in Geneva, Monthey (Valais) and Moudon (Vaud).

Since 2015, the fourth generation is taking full part in the company’s future and strategy. Together, Guillaume Blanc and Yaëlle Blanc are committed to putting their energy in the service of the needs of clients and employees so as to preserve the soul and essence of the company in an continually evolving line of business.